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Forced sexslaves

August 20th, 2014 at 7:00 pm

Wreaking Havoc on Nikki Darling

There are a lot of tough girls out there who can take severe torment, but all of them have a breaking point. All of them crumble when all hope is lost, or they are so afraid of what’s next and they just can’t take any more. Nikki is no different; she just happens to be one of those girls that takes a little longer to break.

She is put in grueling predicament bondage, that tests her mental ability to control her own suffering. Then she is subjected to another punishing predicament, but this time her mind gets so fucked that she can’t contain herself. She sobs from the pure fear that overcomes her, yet she still finds a tiny amount of strength to get through it.

Next she is in a single knee suspension that wreaks havoc on her poor little helpless body. She is subjected to extreme breath control and brutal torment. Finally she is spread wide so that her pussy can be violated and her feet tormented with bastinado.



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